Upcoming North Carolina Boxing Events



SATURDAY, JANUARY 30 (DURHAM): One Hit Promotions pro boxing event. Durham Armory. 220 Foster St, Durham, NC. For more info, visit

SATURDAY, JANUARY 30 (DURHAM): Amateur boxing event hosted by One Hit Promotions. Durham Armory. 220 Foster St, Durham, NC.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 30 (MARION): Walter Johnson Promotions pro boxing event.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6 (GREENSBORO): Walter Johnson Promotions pro boxing event. Holiday Inn Airport. 6426 Burnt Poplar Rd, Greensboro, NC.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20 (WILMINGTON): NC Female Amateur Boxing Invitational

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27 (RALEIGH): Stop Running Promotions pro boxing event. J.S. Dorton Arena. 1025 Blue Ridge Rd, Raleigh, NC.

SATURDAY, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 27-28 (ROANOKE RAPIDS): Jasards Boxing Club amateur boxing event.

FRIDAY, SATURDAY, MARCH 11-12 (CHARLOTTE): 2016 North Carolina State Golden Gloves amateur boxing event.

SATURDAY, MARCH 12 (ELIZABETH CITY): Anointed Corner Promotions will feature a pro boxing event at the Police Athletic League venue in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

SATURDAY, MARCH 12 (MARION): Walter Johnson Promotions pro boxing event.

SATURDAY, APRIL 30 (FAYETTEVILLE): One Hit Promotions pro boxing event.

SATURDAY, MAY 21 (CHARLOTTE): Tommy Hill Boxing pro boxing event. The Carole Hoefener Center. 610 E. 7th St Charlotte, NC 28202. Tickets can be purchased at

SATURDAY, JUNE 11 (CHARLOTTE): One Hit Promotions pro boxing event.

SATURDAY, JULY 23 (DURHAM): One Hit Promotions pro boxing event.



SATURDAY, JANUARY 16: Joshua Hinnant (0-5; Wilson, NC) vs. Carlos Sanchez (debut; residence unknown) at the ABC Sports Complex in Springfield, Virginia. Scheduled 4 rounds.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 16: Henry Mercer (1-3; Tarboro, NC) VS. Edgar Torres (7-0-1; Springfield, VA) at the ABC Sports Complex in Springfield, Virginia. Scheduled 4 rounds.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 22: Jared Robinson (16-2-1; Charlotte, NC) vs. Bakhtiyar Eyubov (9-0; Aktjubinsk, Kazakhstan) at the Casino Del Sol Resort in Tucson, Arizona. TV: Showtime.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 30: James Winchester (17-11; Reidsville, NC) vs. Ramon Alvarez (22-4-2; Guadalajara, Mexico) at the Centro De Convenciones venue in Rosarito, Mexico.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13: Henry Mercer (1-4; Tarboro, NC) VS. Luke Spencer (Debut; West Virginia) at the Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort in Chester, West Virginia.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16: Vernon "Antoine" Alston (8-6-1; Durham) vs.Trakwon Pettis (2-0; Las Vegas) at the Sam's Town Hotel & Gambling Hall venue in Las Vegas, Nevada. A FOX Sports/Mayweather Promotions event.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20: Charles E Jones (3-16; Asheville, NC) vs. Ranel Suco (15-8-2; Philippines) at the Shrine Temple venue in Macon, Georgia.

SATURDAY, MARCH 5: Zed Mitchell (4-0; Arden, NC) vs. Reggie Miller (0-4; Philadelphia) at the Masonic Temple venue in Norfolk, Virginia.

SATURDAY, MARCH 5: Roger Belch (3-0; Hobbsville, NC) vs. Alan Beeman (0-10; Rhode Island) at the Masonic Temple venue in Norfolk, Virginia.

SATURDAY, MARCH 5: Arthur McCrow (0-1; Greensboro, NC) vs. Matthew Abregu (1-0; Washington D.C.) at the Masonic Temple venue in Norfolk, VA.

SATURDAY, MARCH 12: James Winchester (17-11; Reidsville, NC) vs. Scott "Cujo" Sigmon (25-8-1; Lynchburg, Virginia) at the Roanoke Sheraton Hotel venue in Roanoke, VA.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

FIGHT RESULTS: JKN Boxing Promotions in Charlotte, NC (Midnight Rodeo) on Thursday, November 13, 2014

Charlotte's Carrie Flock excites the crowd and gets Unanimous Decision win
See full story "JKN Sports brings boxing back to Charlotte" at
Read it HERE

Thursday, October 30, 2014

FIGHT RESULTS: Money Mike Promotions Boxing in Charlotte, NC (Music Factory) on Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Quinton Rankin (now 7-2) of Charlotte drops Reggie Miller of Philadelphia
     On Tuesday, October 14, 2014, Money Mike Promotions featured eight bouts of professional boxing at the Music Factory venue in Charlotte, North Carolina with several rising hometown prospects training and fighting out of Charlotte. Ten boxers from North Carolina appeared on the card (as shown in bold below).

Records shown are prior to the bout.

John Williams (13-3-1; Charlotte, NC) def. Darrell Jones (3-12-1) by TKO Round 2

Lee Campbell (7-1; Charlotte, NC) def. Mike McFail (12-43-2) by TKO Round 1

Quinton Rankin (6-2; Charlotte, NC) def. Reggie Miller (0-2) by TKO Round 2

Rodney Wallace (4-1; Salisbury, NC) def. Paul Jennette (11-5-1; Greensboro, NC) by UD, 4 Rounds

Marselle Walker (1-0; Charlotte, NC) def. Eric Moody (debut; Wilson, NC) by TKO Round 1

Stanley Wright (1-0; Charlotte, NC) def. Julius Foreman (debut; Wilson) by KO Roound 1

Michael Ray Robinson (1-0) def. Shone Fleming (debut; Wilson, NC) by TKO Round 1

Drew Correll (3-0) def. Sylvester Beard (0-7) by TKO Round 1

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

FIGHT RESULTS: Ring of Dreams Promotions Boxing in Winston-Salem, NC on Saturday, October 11, 2014

Jacob Wooley, now fighting out of Charlotte, NC, improves to 2-0

 On Saturday, October 11, Ring of Dreams Promotions featured eight bouts of professional boxing at the South Side Community Center venue in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. All 8 bouts pitted an unbeaten boxer against a fighter with a losing record or making his debut appearance. Every bout ended by TKO in the first or second round with the undefeated fighter getting the win.

Nine boxers fighting out of North Carolina appeared on the card (shown in bold below), with just three getting a win (against an opponent also from North Carolina).

Records shown are prior to the bout.

Jacob Wooley (1-0; Charlotte, NC) def. Tyshaun Guarte (debut; ?, NC) by TKO Round 1
Nicholas Thompson (1-0; Burlington, NC) def. Donta Chestnut (0-4; Wilson, NC) by TKO Round 1
Richard Miller (2-0; Winston-Salem, NC) def. Marcus Arrington (0-1; Raleigh, NC) by TKO Round 1
Headley Scott 2-0 def. Dorian Tyler (0-1; Concord, NC) by TKO Round 1
John Joe Nevin 1-0 def. Calvin Stifford (debut; Concord, NC) by TKO Round 1
Tyrieshia Douglas 6-0 def. Shanna Allen (0-2; Wilson, NC) by TKO Round 1
Ray Ginley 5-0 def. Quincy Miner 3-8 by TKO Round 2
Tyrone McKenna 4-0 def. Anthony Dave 0-4-1 by TKO Round 2
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

FIGHT RESULTS: One Hit Promotions Boxing in Durham, NC on September 12, 2014

One Hit Promotions boxing event in Durham, NC "The Iron Fist" - 09/12/2014

Records shown are prior to the bout.

Paul Lynch (debut; Knightdale, NC) def. Purcell McNeil (1-0; Raleigh, NC) by MD 4 Rounds

Ebony Rivera (debut; Fayetteville, NC) def. Yvonne Caples (7-11-2; Raleigh, NC) by UD 4 Rounds

James Edwards (0-1; Lumberton, NC) def. Rahim Williams (0-2; Wilson, NC) by TKO 4th Round

Jonathan Cepeda (13-1) def. Larry Smith (10-23-1) by Technical Decision 3rd Round (Smith complained of dislocated shoulder and did not come out for Round 4). Smith was down 3 times in Round 3.
Max Alexander (15-6-2) def. Marlon Hayes (23-15) by UD 6 Rounds

James Hammortree (5-0) def. Willie Kyles (2-9) by TKO 1st Round

Monreco Goldston (2-0) def. Zachariah Kelley 3-5 by UD 4 Rounds

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Monday, September 15, 2014

RESULTS: Battle of the Carolinas 2014 Amateur Boxing Tournament, North Carolina vs. South Carolina

Charlotte's LaVonte Earley wins final match

This past Saturday, Coach Al Simpson and the Charlotte Boxing Academy hosted the Battle of the Carolinas at the Revolution Park Sports Academy on Remount Road in Charlotte. Nineteen of twenty originally scheduled bouts took place at the venue, with twelve amateur fighters from North Carolina matched against athletes from South Carolina. Seven bouts pitted opponents from within North Carolina.

Results shown below.

Click “WATCH” to see the bout on our YouTube Channel. 

North Carolina vs. South Carolina Bouts:

D’Andre Gabriel (NC) def. Umar Sharheed (SC)   WATCH
Qwade Crumble (NC) def. Jason Shackleford (SC), Round 1 stoppage   WATCH

Jeren Finklin (NC) def. Jamari Simmons (SC)   WATCH
Princeston Franklin (SC) def. Raymond Diaz (NC), Round 2 stoppage   WATCH
Christopher Gladden (NC) def. Shane Williams (SC), Round 1 stoppage   WATCH
Christian Petrangeli (NC) def. Kevin Green (SC)   WATCH
Krishon Hardy (SC) def. Shane Simpson (NC)   WATCH
John Fowler, III (SC) def. Bennie Corbett (NC)   WATCH
Roldon Milan, Jr. (NC) def. Kendrix Miller (SC)   WATCH
Jacob Dillard (NC) def. Devin Higgins (SC)   WATCH
Troy Epps (SC) def. Michael Baker (NC)   WATCH
LaVonte Earley (NC) def. Reginald Hinson (SC)   WATCH

Fabian Juarez (NC) vs. Chameir Rice (SC) was cancelled.

Final: North Carolina 8, South Carolina 4

North Carolina State Bouts:

Janiah Pharr def. Francis Heil, Round 2 stoppage   WATCH
Antonio Lester def. Ryan Howell, Round 3 stoppage   WATCH
Jahnel Ford def. Nestor Rodriquez    WATCH  
Caleb Solera def. Nicholis Field   WATCH
Kenneth Nixon def. Jeremy Stokes   WATCH 
Ian Conners def. Bryton Moore, Round 3 stoppage   WATCH
Jamarko Hansley def. Jadarius Ray   WATCH

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Results: Boxing in Winston-Salem, Saturday, August 23, 2014 - Former Champ Shannon Briggs in Main Event

Shannon Briggs puts finish on Cory Phelps at 1:18 of Round 1
On Saturday, August 23, Ring of Dreams Promotions featured professional boxing at the South Side Community Boxing Club in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Seven fighters from the state appeared on the card, as indicated in bold below, with two matched against each other in one of the bouts. The Main Event was headlined by former WBO World Heavyweight Champion Shannon Briggs of Brooklyn, New York. Briggs entered the ring with a 4-fight win streak this year since losing in 2010 to Vitali Klitschko and taking a four-year layoff. Briggs had taken Klitschko the 12-round distance in that bout, but lost by unanimous decision.

Results below. (Records shown for North Carolina fighters are current). 

Shannon Briggs def. Cory Phelps TKO 1st Round, wins interim WBC Latino heavyweight title.

Richard Miller (2-0; Winston-Salem, NC) def. Quadree Arrington (0-2; Leggett, NC) KO 1st Round

Nicholas Thompson (1-0; Burlington, NC) def. Mario Huffman KO 1st Round

Jean Pierre Augustin def. Valriquas Bullock (0-2; Charlotte, NC) TKO 1st Round

Headley Scott def. Joshua Hinnant (0-5; Wilson, NC) TKO 1st Round

Jacob Wooley (1-0; Charlotte, NC) def. Trevon Blizzard (Pink Hill, NC) TKO 1st Round.

Chris Vendola def. Andrae Carthron TKO 3rd Round

Miguel Cartagena def. Jesus Gonzales UD 6 Rounds.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Results: Boxing at the Greensboro Coliseum, Saturday, August 23, 2014 – Josh “Too-Tuff” Tufte gets 16th Win

Paco Rivera of GAR1680 with Joshua "Too-Tuff" Tufte follwing his TKO win
     On Saturday, Walter Johnson Promotions featured seven bouts of professional boxing to a packed venue at the Greensboro Coliseum’s Special Events Center in North Carolina. Seven fighters from the state appeared on the card with heavyweight Joshua “Too-Tuff” Tufte of Kernersville in the Main Event.

In the first bout of the evening, Steve Geffrard of Florida, who entered the ring with a record of 3-2, delivered frequent strong body shots to a taller opponent from Rocky Mount, NC, Octavius Davis. Aside from a height advantage, Davis also had a much longer reach, but he did not capitalize on it, preferring to engage Geffrard up close. Davis was dropped by a body shot in the first round. A barrage of body shots continued in the 2nd and was too much for Davis to handle, forcing the referee to call a halt to the bout. Geffrard’s record evens to 3-3, while Davis drops to 2-13-1.

Two out-of-town fighters were matched in the next bout. Junior middleweight Rashaan Abdul Blackburn of Ohio took on Maurice Chalmers of Lynchburg, Virginia with what appeared to be a large contingent from Chalmers’ hometown that made the trip to Greensboro to root him on. Chalmers was the much busier fighter through the first two rounds and by the midway point of round three Blackburn had not thrown a punch in the round, instead getting hit by Chalmer’s continued combinations. After Blackburn got knocked down in the third, the referee decided he’d seen enough and stopped the bout. Chambers wins by TKO and evens his win-loss record at 12-12 with 1 draw. Blackburn drops to 8-50-2.

Don "DJ" Haynesworth, a big heavyweight hometown fighter from Greensboro, made his professional boxing debut when he was matched with a cross-town fighter from Wilson, Brandon White, who came in at 0-2. White went down twice in round 1, and with Haynesworth totally dominating the fight in the 2nd round the referee stopped the bout, giving the Greensboro fighter a TKO victory. Haynesworth (1-0) gets his first win and White remains winless at 0-3.

The next bout featured a well-skilled fighter, Ahmad Cheikho, a Canadian now fighting out of Chicago, matched against Jose Felix, formerly of New Mexico and now fighting out of Augusta Georgia. From the opening bell it was apparent that Felix was overmatched by Cheikho, who made quick work of Felix with a TKO in Round 1. Cheikho’s record improves to 16-5-2. Felix drops to 11-16-2.

Several notable retired and current prizefighters from North Carolina were introduced during intermission that included former world heavyweight champion, James “Bonecrusher” Smith, as well as women’s heavyweight champion Carlette “The Truth” Ewell of Winston-Salem. Also making ring appearances were undefeated fighters Rich Rivers (9-0) of Greensboro and promising prospect Christian Dominguez (7-1), also of Winston-Salem, and who currently has a 5-fight win streak since 2012.

Following the intermission, hometown favorite Steven Matthews of Greensboro entered the ring to roaring cheers from a large contingent of fans that included what appeared to be an entire summer camp of children present for the event. Matthews entered the ring unbeaten at 3-0 and faced winless fighter Johnny Rowell, originally of Durham, NC, but now fighting out of Atlanta, Georgia. Following a knockdown of Rowell in Round 1, the referee called a halt to the bout, giving Matthews the TKO win. Matthews’ unbeaten record improves to 4-0. Rowell drops to 0-5.

Matthews later explained that the children in the stands and the ones that walked him to the ring are a part of the Punch4Pounds KIDS organization, named after a fitness workout he created. Aside from pro boxing, Steven Matthews is an advocator for a program that recruits at-risk youth in poverty-stricken environments. Matthews says the program provides assistance with academic advancement, behavioral intervention, community empowerment, character development, and physical fitness, and when the kids begin to excel they offer training in amateur boxing. Matthews says he hopes to utilize his boxing career as a platform to empower those youths in less-fortunate communities.

In the bout preceding the Main Event, Jamar Freeman of Wilson, NC fought a game Venezuelan, Marcos Primera, who now resides in Asheboro, NC. Freeman appeared to have landed the harder and more accurate blows for much of the fight, while Primera attempted attacks in short spurts that had little effect on the North Carolinian. By the fifth round Primera was seen talking often to Freeman, telling him to bring it on while waving his hands erratically. There was some good toe-to-toe action to start the sixth and final round that concluded with Freeman connecting with better counter-punching and combinations. All three judges were in agreement, giving Freeman 60-54 scores for a unanimous decision win. Jamar Freeman is now 13-3-2. Marcos Primera falls to 20-28-2 and hasn’t won a fight since 2006.

In the Main Event, Joshua “Too-Tuff” Tufte took on a very cocky fighter from Baltimore, Maryland, Jed Phipps. Similar to Primera in the previous bout, Phipps often mouthed and motioned to Tufte an action that said, “C’mon, bring it”. And Tufte complied. While Phipps managed to land some strong jabs and punches, Tufte’s hands were obviously much heavier and faster when connecting to the head and body of Phipps. Tufte also displayed a well-skilled defense by quickly ducking and slipping away, making Phipps miss wildly. With seconds left in Round 3, Tufte was pounding Phipps, who had his back to the ropes, with a barrage of punches. It appeared the referee might stop the bout, but the bell rang. Phipps got knocked down three times in Round 4 and was unable to continue. Tufte won by TKO and his record improves to 16-1. Phipps drops to 20-8. Josh Tufte is currently rated as the 51st best heavyweight boxer in the United States out of 344 rated fighters and 145th best in the world out of 1,063. He also holds the NABA-USA and USBO heavyweight titles.

Rich Rivers’ fight was cancelled due to an injury to his opponent. Event organizers have promised free access to the next Walter Johnson Promotions event to all who bought tickets from Richard Rivers and had arrived at the Greensboro Coliseum on this night to see him fight.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

North Carolina Boxing Talk Radio Show Podcast for Sunday, August 17, 2014 - College Boxing, NCBA, USIBA, UNC-Chapel Hill
Click image to be directed to radio show on YouTube
   University of North Carolina (UNC) Boxing Club members Zaki Haidary and Blake Lozzi discuss collegiate boxing enrollment and competition and sanctioning by NCBA (National Collegiate Boxing Association) and (USIBA) United States Intercollegiate Boxing Association.   * Preview of professional boxing coming up in Greensboro on Saturday August 23, 2014 headlining promising prospects from North Carolina, fighters Rich Rivers and Joshua Tufte in separate bouts. * Coming up Friday, September 12: 2nd Annual First Responders Charity Boxing Event, and on Saturday, September 13, the Battle of the Carolinas Amateur Boxing Tournament; North Carolina amateur boxers will be matched against South Carolina.

Jonathan K. Nazeer Promotions Boxing Event Recap from Charlotte, August 16, 2014
Photo courtesy of

See story It’s Still Macho Time! by Christian Giudice on

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Puerto Rico vs. Mexico Showdown in Charlotte Pro Boxing Match this Saturday, August 16, 2014

     Promoter Jonathan K. Nazeer will bring familiar names into the ring this Saturday when he features a night of professional boxing in Charlotte, North Carolina. Bouts taking place at the Carole A. Hoefener Center will include a long-standing rivalry between Puerto Rican and Mexican fighters in the Main Event when Hector “Machito” Camacho Jr., now residing and fighting out of Puerto Rico, faces Miguel Angel Munguia of Mexico. The fight will be a rematch of their 2013 bout that took place in Aruba with Camacho scoring a TKO in Round 5.

Camacho has a notable record of 57 wins, 6 losses, and 1 draw (31 wins by KO). And while Munguia’s record doesn’t appear as well on paper—he is 29-31-1—he has remained the busier fighter the past two years, fighting eight times in 2012 and seven times in 2013. He also fought in March of this year. Aside from having remained active, Munguia no doubt carries into the ring that hunger and world-renowned toughness that is traditional of Mexican prizefighters. Twenty-five of his 29 wins he won by knockout, meaning he could be a danger at any moment of the fight.

Camacho Jr. fought twice in 2012 and three times in 2013. He hasn’t fought in almost a year (since September 11, 2013), but will rely on experience (he’s been fighting professionally since 1996) and hopefully some genes passed on to him by one of the greatest Puerto Rican world champion boxers of all time, his father Hector “Macho” Camacho.

In the Co-Main-Event, JKN Boxing Promotions will feature former NFL football player Ray Edwards taking on local Heavyweight fighter Djuan Hughey (1-8) of Charlotte. Hughey (listed in as “DJ” with last name spelled “Hughley” and a hometown of Augusta, Georgia) last fought in February of 2013 at the Mohegan Sun Casino Resort in Connecticut, on the undercard of an ESPN Friday Night Fights broadcast (Hughey’s bout wasn’t televised).

The former football standout, Ray Edwards, resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is undefeated with a record of 7-0, with 4 wins by KO. He gave up football in 2011, two years after landing a 27.5 million-dollar deal with the Atlanta Falcons. He was once heralded for a statement he’d made that boxing is safer than football, saying that boxing makes him less exposed to physical harm, and many agreed.

Also appearing on the undercard that Nazeer has billed “Rumble in the City”, Kelly Lee Henderson Jr. (0-2) of West Virginia hopes to get on a winning track when he faces hometown fighter Robby Robertson, who is making his professional boxing debut. Robertson is trained by Kelvin Seabrooks, a former IBF World Champion boxer from Charlotte.

Another undefeated Heavyweight boxer, Chris Hancock (7-0) of Detroit, Michigan is scheduled to appear against a fighter to be announced. Unbeaten Welterweight William McElroy (3-0), also of Detroit, will be matched in yet another undercard bout that evening.

Several other bouts, professional and amateur, will be presented throughout the evening in what appears to be an exciting night of boxing in the Queen City.

Location: Carole A. Hoefener Center, 610 E 7th St, Charlotte, NC 28202. Doors open at 7PM. First bout starts at 8PM. General admission seating is $35. For more information or to purchase tickets visit

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

North Carolina Boxing Talk Radio Show Podcast for Sunday, July 27, 2014
Why only 5 pro boxing events in NC so far this year? It’s almost August! * Many NC fighters on away fights, but not much luck. Spidey Williams, however, does bring back a title! * Coming up: Paul Marinaccio in Raleigh, Hector Camacho Jr. in Charlotte, Josh Tufte in Greensboro, Jamar Freeman and Yvonne Caples in Durham. * Lynn Holmes of Charlotte wins National Golden Gloves Championship. * Why don’t we have more North Carolina fighters on the card in this state’s pro events? Instead we’re watching a guy from Atlanta boxing a guy from Virginia; who cares to see that? * Carlette Ewell travels to the Caribbean to fight for IBO World Heavyweight Championship. * Also coming up, 2nd annual First Responders Charity Boxing event in Charlotte, and Battle of the Carolinas; amateurs from North Carolina face South Carolina athletes.

FIGHT RESULTS: Ring of Dream Promotions Boxing in Winston-Salem, NC on July 26, 2014

This past Saturday, Ring of Dreams Promotions featured MMA and Professional Boxing in the South Side Community Boxing Club on Old Lexington Road in Winston-Salem that included 9 professional bouts of boxing. Of the 18 fighters on the card, 5 were from North Carolina (as seen in bold below). Just one of the 5 North Carolinians won his bout; Richard Miller of Winston-Salem, who was making his professional boxing debut against another fighter from North Carolina.

Records shown are prior to the bout.

Demond Brock (6-2) def. Johnny Frazier (2-22-4) by UD 6 Rounds.

Eric Johnson (5-0) def. Damon Antoine (11-53-2) by UD 6 Rounds.

Wes Capper (5-0) def. Shane Gierke (5-31-2) by TKO 1st Round.
Chaen Chess (4-1) def. Antonio Robertson  (0-4-1) by UD 4 Round.
Kenneth McNeil (5-1) def. On'rey Towns (0-5; Wilson, NC) by TKO 2nd Round.
Chris Vendola (6-5) def. Joseph Bowman (0-1) by TKO 1st Round.
Headley Scott (debut) def. Dorian Tyler (debut; Concord, NC) by TKO 1st Round.
Tyrone McKenna (3-0) def. Christian Daniels (0-3; Wilson, NC) by TKO 1st Round.
Richard Miller (debut; Winston-Salem, NC) def. Montrail Speight (0-2; Wilson, NC) by TKO 1st Round.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Carlette Ewell Fights for IBO World Heavyweight Title this Saturday - Ewell States: I Have Taken this Personal!

Carlette Ewell with Paco Rivera of GAR1680 Boxing Talk Radio & Blog

UPDATE: A tropical depression in the Atlantic is expected to become Tropical Storm Bertha over the weekend as it passes across the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean, resulting in postponement of the boxing event this weekend in St. Maartin that included Carlette Ewell's bout.

UPDATE 2: This bout has been rescheduled for Saturday, December 6, 2014.

On Saturday, August 2, Carlette "The Truth" Ewell of Winston-Salem will be fighting in a rematch for the vacant IBO World Heavyweight title. The Main Event bout, scheduled for 10 rounds, takes place at the L.B. Scott Sports Auditorium in Philipsburg, St. Maarten in the Caribbean. Her opponent will be Sonya Lamonakis of New York City.

Ewell, who is 15-7-1, with 9 wins by KO, hasn’t fought since 2012, a close 6-round split decision draw against Lamonakis in January of that year. At the time, Lamonakis was undefeated with a record of 6-0. One judge from New Jersey had it 58-56 for Carlette Ewell, another from Connecticut had it 58-56 for Lamonakis, and Judge Julie Lederman (of New York) scored it 57-57 even. It was a fight that took place in Lamonakis’ hometown of New York City. With all officials for that bout being from the northeast region (the referee, Harvey Dock, was also from New Jersey), it can be said that the North Carolinian was lucky to come out of there with a draw. Had the bout taken place on neutral grounds, the outcome may have been much different. Which is exactly what Ewell expects to see this coming Saturday in the Caribbean.

When Ewell was asked how she felt about her previous fight with Lamonakis, she said, “In my heart I know I won that fight. If you look at video, you will see that I won.”

Regarding the bout being in New York, she said, “If a boxer goes to New York and gets a draw, that boxer won the fight. New York and California are the hardest states (for a boxer from somewhere else) to get a win. At least in New York I have a fan base. And my trainer (Eddie Gregg) is from New York, and he has a big fan base there too from when he was a fighter. I wouldn’t fight in California unless they paid me a million dollars and two of the judges are from another state. They can have one. I just need two.”

Since their 2012 bout, Lamonakis has fought five more times, getting another draw, 3 wins, and a loss to Martha Salazar in April, 2013. Lamonakis’ record is now 9-1-2 with 1 win by KO. While a hometown advantage has been taken away from her in this upcoming bout, she may have achieved an advantage by remaining more active in the ring than Ewell.

When Ewell was asked how she has prepared to overcome any possibility of ring rust, and if it is something that worries her, she said, “I won’t have a problem with that because I spar on a consistent basis and I stay in shape. I have a regiment that includes working the speed bags and heavy bags, jumping rope and the boxer’s entire set standards of training.”

Ewell further stated that she does not study film of upcoming opponents. She said that by doing so a certain style may be expected, but may have changed by the time the bout with that opponent takes place. Instead, she will go by feel and emotion during the fight to decide what she needs to do.

Prior to her draw with Lamonakis, Ewell had reeled off three straight wins and in so doing obtained the UNBC Heavyweight title and WIBC International Boxing Council Light-Heavyweight title. Over the course of her professional boxing career, Ewell, who has been fighting since 2002 as a pro, has achieved 5 world titles in three weight divisions. Lamonakis, on the other hand, has been fighting professionally since 2010 and picked up the New York State Heavyweight title in March of this year when she fought Tiffany Woodard, an opponent that Carlette Ewell has defeated twice.

Ewell expects to fly to St. Maartin on Thursday with trainers Eddie Gregg and Delen “Blimp” Parsley. She will have another team member in her corner who is from St. Maartin. Weigh-ins are Friday evening and the bout Saturday evening.

Ewell stated, “I am taking this fight personal. Sonya made some comments following the last fight that was very insulting. I have taken this personal, so I’m going to do my job and come back with that title.”

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Professional Boxing in Winston-Salem this Weekend (Saturday, July 26, 2014) - Ring of Dreams Promotions

Ring of Dreams Promotions will feature Boxing at the South Side Community Boxing Club in Winston-Salem. Scheduled on the card: Breon Smiley, Eric Johnson, Wes Capper, Jean Pierre Augustin, Steed Woodall, Tyrone McKenna, Jason Rorie (Winston-Salem, NC), Chris Vendola. Location: 2500-A Old Lexington Road SE, Winston-Salem, NC. Call 336-669-0179 for tickets to this event.

Charlotte Observer Story on National Golden Gloves Champion from Charlotte, Lynn Holmes

Lynn Holmes, 178-LBS 2014 National Women’s Golden Gloves Champion
Photo by Joe Habina, Charlotte Observer
Story by Charlotte Observer correspondent, Joe Habina:

Monday, July 21, 2014

Upcoming North Carolina Boxing Events - July-Sept, 2014


Updated: July 21, 2014

SATURDAY, JULY 26 (WINSTON-SALEM): Ring of Dreams Promotions will feature Boxing. Scheduled on the card: Breon Smiley, Eric Johnson, Wes Capper, Jean Pierre Augustin, Steed Woodall, Tyrone McKenna, Jason Rorie (Winston-Salem, NC), Chris Vendola. At the South Side Community Boxing Club. 2500-A Old Lexington Road SE, Winston-Salem, NC. Call 336-669-0179 for tickets to this event.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 9 (RALEIGH): Walter Johnson Promotions features Pro Boxing. Scheduled on the card: Paul "The Italian Hitman" Marinaccio, Jamar Freeman, James Hammortree, Milton Santiago, Robert Sockwell, Shakir Dunn. Location: The Ritz Theatre. 2820 Industrial Dr, Raleigh, NC 27609.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 16 (CHARLOTTE): Promoter Jonathan K. Nazeer features "Rumble in the City", professional and amateur Boxing event. Scheduled on the card: Hector "Machito" Camacho Jr., Miguel Angel Munguia, Chris Hancock, William McElroy, Antwaun Tubbs, Jordan Chambers-Blair, Nick Elliott. (Note: Chambers-Blair and Elliott appear to be an amateur or exhibition bout). Location: Carole A. Hoefener Center, 610 E 7th St, Charlotte, NC 28202.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 23 (GREENSBORO): Walter Johnson Promotions features Pro Boxing. Scheduled on the card: Joshua "Too-Tuff" Tufte, Richie Rivers. Location: Greensboro Coliseum Complex (in the Special Event Center). 1921 W Lee St, Greensboro, NC 27403.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 23 (WINSTON-SALEM): Ring of Dreams Promotions will feature professional Boxing. Scheduled on the card: Miguel Cartagena (12-1; Philadelphia), Jonathan Cepeda (12-1; Florida), Tyrone McKenna (4-0: Philadelphia/Ireland), Rich Miller (1-0; Minneapolis), Neslan Machado (6-0; Miami, FL/Cuba). Location: South Side Community Boxing Club. 2500-A Old Lexington Road SE, Winston-Salem, NC. Call 336-669-0179 for tickets to this event.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 (CHARLOTTE): 2nd Annual First Responders Charity Boxing Event, in honor and memory of 9/11 victims. Competing against each other will be Charlotte Police Department, Charlotte Fire Department, Mecklenburg County Sheriff Department, and North Carolina Highway Patrol. The team with most wins will have portion of the proceeds given to their choice of a local charity. Revolution Park Sports Academy; 1225 Remount Road. Charlotte, NC 28208. For more information contact Coach Al Simpson at or call 704 241-0314.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 (DURHAM): Promoter David Moore and One Hit Promotions will feature a Pro Boxing event at The Armory in Durham, North Carolina. Location: 220 Foster St, Durham, NC 27701. Further details when they become available. For ticket info call 919-401-3269

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 (CHARLOTTE): Battle of the Carolinas Amateur Boxing Tournament. North vs. South Carolina. Location: Revolution Park Sports Academy; 1225 Remount Road. Charlotte, NC 28208. For more information contact Coach Al Simpson at or call 704 241-0314.



WEDNESDAY, JULY 23: Lightweight Noel Echevarria (11-3; Winston-Salem) vs. Patrick Hyland (27-1; New York/Ireland) at the BB King Blues Club & Grill venue in New York.

CANCELLED - SATURDAY, JULY 26: Light-Welterweight Eli Addison (11-3; Winston-Salem) vs. Dusty Hernandez Harrison (22-0; Washington, D.C.) for the WBC Youth Silver Welterweight title at Madison Square Garden in New York. Undercard bout for Gennady Golovkin vs. Daniel Geale Main Event. Televised on HBO. It is unknown if Eli Addison's bout will be included in broadcast.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 2: Heavyweight Carlette Ewell (15-7-1; Winston-Salem, NC) vs. Sonya Lamonakis (9-1-2; New York City) at the L.B. Scott Sports Auditorium in Philipsburg, Sint Maarten (Caribbean island of Saint Martin).

Saturday, July 19, 2014

RESULTS: Charlotte Boxing at the EpiCenter on Saturday, July 19, 2014

On Saturday, July 19, 2014, Money Mike Promotions featured seven professional bouts that took place at the EpiCenter 210 Rooftop in Charlotte. A rainy day just cleared and seated spectators were folding their umbrellas when the first bout began at 8:00PM.

On the downside, event organizers did not issue programs with bout listings and an awful PA system was made worse by a Ring Announcer who yelled everything into the microphone at the top of his lungs. The voice distortion made it impossible to understand what he was saying or who he was introducing. If he’d spoken with his normal tone of voice, it may have been a lot clearer.

About 300 fans in attendance didn’t seem to mind, however, as most cheered and yelled throughout the event at what turned out to be a very exciting night of boxing in a setting surrounded by Charlotte’s lit-up Uptown skyline. Spectators could care less, it seemed, what the MC was saying.

The fights kicked off with two out-of-town boxers coming in at 131 pounds. Michael Robinson of Memphis, Tennessee, making his debut as a pro, was matched with Tyshae Ferguson of Virginia coming in with a record of 0-2. Robinson won every round of the 4-round bout by unanimous decision. All three judges scored it 40-36.

In the second bout, Michael Hazzard of South Carolina, in his debut, fought highly favored Stanley "The kid" Wright, who, from the sound of cheers in the crowd, appeared to have the largest contingent of fans in attendance than any other fighter on this night. Also making his debut appearance as a pro, Wright, who trains at Stanley's Pro Boxing Gym in Charlotte and is also a Mecklenburg County Sheriff Deputy, was knocked down in the first round by Hazzard, likely giving the South Carolinian a 10-8 winning round. But Wright bounced back after the referee’s eight-count and scored a high number of blows to the head of Hazzard throughout the remaining three rounds, giving Wright a 4-round unanimous decision win, all three judges scoring it 39-37.

In the next bout, James “The Fighting Fireman” Hammortree (now 5-0) of Florida defeated Sam Promonee of Charleston, South Carolina by 1st round KO. Promonee drops to 1-1.

The next two bouts featured popular North Carolina boxers fighting out of the Dyme Boxing & Fitness Gym in Charlotte, with some of the best coaches in the business in their corner, Coach James Pressley and Coach James Carr. Recent winner of the WBC Latino belt, John "Spidey" Williams, was matched against a fighter out of New York City, Joseph Figueroa, a long-time veteran journeyman entering the ring with a record of 11-53-5. Despite a significant height difference (for a moment it appeared Spidey was going to box a midget), the New Yorker turned out to be very game; a tough
little bulldog that went toe-to-toe with the Dyme fighter and gave about as much as he took, occasionally landing heavy blows to the head of Williams. The fight went the six-round distance with Spidey Williams getting a unanimous decision. All three judges scored it 60-54.

Following a 15-minute intermission, Dyme fighter Jared “The Warrior” Robinson was matched against cross-town contender, Andre Baker, fighting out of Lumberton, North Carolina. Following three knockdowns of Baker in the 2nd round, mostly from vicious body punches that Robinson delivered to Baker’s left side, referee Bill Clancy called a halt to the bout. Jared Robinson’s record improves to 15-1, while Baker drops to 10-41-2.

In a heavyweight matchup, undefeated heavyweight Nat Heaven of Florida entered the ring with a record of 9-0 and wearing super-shiny blue robe and boxers (with the nickname “Heaven Sent” on the back of the robe). He faced a big heavyweight from Louisiana, Stacy Frazier, who had the same amount of wins and losses on his record (15-15). In the scheduled 6-round bout, it took just one devastating blow at 29 seconds into the first round to the head of Heaven to end the fight quickly. Heaven went down and got up on wobbly legs, forcing the referee to stop the bout. Heaven suffers his first defeat and Frazier's record improves to 16-15.

In the final fight of the evening Marselle "Cochise" Walker made his professional debut. Marselle Walker also fights out of the Stanley's Pro Boxing Gym in Charlotte. Walker faced Coy Lanbert of South Carolina (now 2-13). In the first round, Walker bloodied his opponent’s face with a series of jabs and punches landing accurately. Further combinations and continuous blows to the head in the 2nd round resulted in the referee calling a stop to the bout. Marcelle Walker, now 1-0, won by TKO.

Several in attendance were introduced by the Ring Announcer during intermission that included former North Carolina IBF Bantamweight World Champion Kelvin Seabrooks and Winston-Salem Women’s Heavyweight contender, Carlette "The Truth" Ewell. Carlette will be fighting for the vacant IBO Heavyweight title on August 2 in the Caribbean.

Other notables in attendance were boxing promoter Krishna Wainright, who was accompanied by amateur women boxer Lynn L. Holmes of Charlotte. Lynn recently won the 178-LBS 2014 National Women’s Golden Gloves Championship that took place in Florida. Charlotte boxing promoter Jonathan Kearse Nazeer came out to support the event. Nazeer, who runs JKN Boxing Promotions, will have the next boxing event taking place in Charlotte on August 16th that will include world-class contender Hector "Machito" Camacho Jr. in the Main Event. Coach Mike Kane of Mid-South Boxing and Fitness was also at the EpiCenter Rooftop, mainly to see friends from Dyme, Jared Robinson and Spidey Williams, in their respective bouts.

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Videos of some of the bouts can be seen on our YouTube Channel:

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Fans anticipating start of bouts...and an end to the rain
Boxing under a magnificent Charlotte Skyline at the EpiCenter Rooftop

Stanley "The kid" Wright, Charlotte Sheriff and Pro Fighter in black & red boxers takes charge

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Professional Boxing in Charlotte, North Carolina - Saturday, July 19, 2014

On Saturday, July 19, Sports Radio 610AM The Fan presents a night of professional boxing billed as Carolina Brawl that will take place at the EpiCenter Rooftop venue with a spectacular view of the Charlotte nighttime skyline.

At least 10 bouts are scheduled that will include Mecklenburg County Sheriff Deputy Stanley "The kid" Wright and recently returned Army soldier Marselle "Cochise" Walker of Charlotte making their professional boxing debuts.

WBC Latino title holder John "Spidey" Williams and Jared "The Warrior" Robinson of Charlotte, NC will also be featured on the card in separate bouts.

Undefeated Keith Tapia (12-0) of Puerto Rico will be fighting for a Cruiserweight title and John Wesley Nofire of Florida, also undefeated with a record of 14-0, will be matched in a Heavyweight title bout.

Former MMA fighter turned boxer James “Sledge” Hammortree (4-0; Florida) is also scheduled against an unnamed opponent.

The EpiCenter Rooftop is located at 210 East Trade Street, Charlotte, NC.

General Admission is $25.

For more information visit:

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Amateur Boxing Event in Angier, North Carolina - June 27-28, 2014

North Carolina PAL presents Battle of the States. Amateur Boxing event takes place in Angier, NC on Friday, June 27 and Saturday June 28. See promotion banner (below) for additional information.

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Report on Greensboro Boxing Event Saturday, June 7, 2014

At the Greensboro Coliseum Pavilion Saturday night, Walter Johnson Promotions featured seven bouts of boxing to about 400 fans in attendance. Seven fighters from North Carolina appeared on the card. It was only the second boxing event in the State of North Carolina this year, the first occurring in April and also promoted by Walter Johnson.

In a card billed as Saturday Night KO Fights, the first match began about 8:30PM with Welterweight Sammie Milhouse of Denmark, South Carolina improving his unbeaten record to 4-0 with a quick 1st-round TKO of his opponent, Avery Hines of Wilson, North Carolina. Hines falls to 0-4.

The second bout of the evening pitted two North Carolina boxers. Fighting as a Cruiserweight, hometown favorite Tyson Harrison (now 2-0) of Greensboro defeated Chorles Parker of Wilson. (I checked; “Chorles” is not misspelled). Parker’s professional record drops to 1-4.

The next bout, also Cruiserweights, ended quickly when undefeated Daniel Powell (now 9-0) of Columbia, South Carolina stopped fellow Columbia, SC boxer, Sean Lockhart. The fight was halted by the referee in the 1st round. Lockhart, who has been fighting since 1996, runs his loss record to 22; he's now 5-22-2.

Up next was a pair of unbeaten Heavyweights. Ernest Blackwell of Reidsville, North Carolina entered the ring with a record of 2-0 and faced James Hammortree of Florida who was 3-0.  Several minutes later the referee called a halt to the bout, giving Hammortree the 1st-round TKO win. The Florida boxer is now 4-0 and Blackwell drops to 2-1.

The final three fights of the evening turned out to be far more competitive and exciting. A North Carolina favorite from Winston-Salem, Christian Dominguez, scored a knockdown in the 1st and 2nd rounds. His opponent was tough veteran Richard Lee Hall of Rocky Mount, North Carolina, who was making his comeback. Hall came back strong in the 4th and 5th rounds with hard shots to the head of Dominguez. The final 6th Round had the crowd on their feet and cheering loudly with explosive toe-to-toe action in the Welterweight bout. In the end, the two early knockdowns likely gave Dominguez the points needed for a Unanimous Decision win. Christian Dominguez is now 7-1 and has a 5-fight win streak since 2012. Hall falls to 10-22-3. Despite Hall’s record and not having fought since 2009 (a draw against a fighter that was undefeated at the time; 13-0), Hall performed well, showing little ring rust.

Also returning from a long lay-off, hometown Cruiserweight fighter Paul Jennette of Greensboro, North Carolina faced the undefeated Puerto Rican, Keith Tapia. A 45-year-old Jennette was rocked hard by solid Tapia punches in the 1st and 2nd rounds of the 8-Round scheduled bout, and there was every indication the fight was going to end early. But Jennette seemed to recover and from the 3rd round on as he stepped up the pressure, initiated exchanges, and countered well. Tapia’s hand-speed, however, ultimately resulted in a Unanimous Decision win. Tapia improved his unbeaten record to 12-0. Jennette, who last fought in 2011, is now 11-5-1. Paul Jennette commented on his Facebook page that talks are already underway for a rematch with Tapia and that Tapia has agreed. Jennette is confident he will do much better next time.

The Main Event presented what was obviously two well-seasoned fighters when Scott “Cujo” Sigmon of Lynchburg, Virginia battled it out with undefeated Columbia, South Carolina native, 19-year-old DeAndre Robinson-Neal. Fans in attendance from both Virginia and South Carolina that came out took turns cheering their guy on during vicious back-and-forth action during the early rounds, in which Neal’s hand speed and punch count seemed superior. In the later rounds, a bloodied Cujo, bleeding from above the left eye and back of head from accidental head-butts, stepped up the attack and took advantage of a weakening Neal. Neal continued to land an occasional heavy shot to Cujo Sigmon’s head, but it did not appear to have any effect as Cujo dominated, Neal often with his back to the ropes. When the final 8th round ended, it seemed that a classic case of experience versus youth would mean a victory for Sigmon, but most fans seemed disappointed and booed the decision as two of the three judges scored the bout a Draw. A third judge scored it for Neal. On Scott Sigmon’s Facebook page he commented: “Well the fight ended in a draw. I thought I won and Deandre felt he won. At the end of the day our job is to fight, not judge…”  Sigmon’s record is now 24-5-1 and Neal 12-0-1. DeAndre Neal’s 20th Birthday was on the following day.

Earl "Chocolate Drop" Ladson of Winston-Salem vs. John Wesley Nofire of Florida was cancelled. Reports are that Nofire was injured during training.

Richard Rivers (9-0; Greensboro, NC) was also cancelled. Reports are that his opponent was unable to make weight.


Despite reports that several bouts ended in KO, all fights that ended early had been halted by the referee and ended officially as a TKO. A referee never counted out (to 10) a boxer, thus no KO’s occurred.

The fighters records appearing in the above story are those that appear on

Fans felt they were being held prisoner…
Fans entering the Greensboro Coliseum Pavilion venue were not issued color wrist bands allowing exit and reentry during the event. Some were told vehemently by staff, “If you leave, you can’t get back inside.” Many (mostly smokers) appeared confused at not being able to go outside during downtimes or intermission. After numerous ticket-holders in attendance complained to venue staff members, a smoking section was eventually established outside a side door. Boxing event organizers should bear in mind that while many wouldn’t sympathize with smokers wanting to indulge in an unhealthy habit, there are many who wouldn’t understand being denied that “pleasure” during an exciting night of boxing. After it was opened, the “smoking section” set up at the venue remained with a steady flow of smokers all throughout the event, even during fights (a view was possible from outside, through the windows). It is my opinion that if you tell potential customers beforehand that they won’t be allowed to exit and re-enter during a boxing event, very few will show up.

You can take pictures but no video!...
Quite a few seated patrons expressed their displeasure with not being able to video record bouts from their cell phones to share with family and friends. The Ring Announcer stated several times early on that IT IS PROHIBITED TO VIDEO RECORD any part of the event with cell phones or any electronic device; he continued by telling everyone that they already have someone video recording the event and if anyone wants they can buy the DVD. Last year, on June 13, 2013, I aired a Boxing Radio show called “The Problems with Boxing” and the situation with event organizers selling DVDs of boxing events was discussed. During the show I suggested that local promoters would likely increase attendance substantially if previous events were made freely available on video sites such as YouTube or UStream, where thousands of viewers can see with their own eyes how great the event was. “You can’t buy advertisement like that,” I had said. GAR1680 continues to support that theory. Instead, organizers continue to think they can make more money by selling some DVDs. How many DVDs do you think they will sell? Now fans are being PREVENTED from using their cell phone to video record the event. Not cool, man. Not cool. I know they have every right to set that policy. It’s actually quite common for theatrical events, and recording a movie at the cinema is considered Piracy. I’m not so sure, however, that it’s common for any sporting event organizer to deny fans personal recordings of an event. And Boxing…is a sport.

Paco Rivera, GAR1680 Boxing Talk Radio & Blog
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Professional Boxing in Durham - Saturday, June 7, 2014

One Hit Promotions

James Edwards (4-5; Philadelphia) vs, Isaiah Robinson (Debut; Raleigh, NC)

Lavarius Thompson (3-8; Goldsboro, NC) vs. Purcell "Chris" McNeil (Debut; Raleigh, NC)

Marcus "Molina" Brooks (7-19; Puerto Rico/Georgia) vs. Jamar Freeman (11-3-2; Wilson, NC)

Michael Doyle (2-9; Alabama) vs. Vernon "Antoine" Alston (6-5; Durham, NC)

Professional Boxing in Greensboro - Saturday, June 7, 2014

Walter Johnson Promotions

Christian Dominguez (6-1; Winston-Salem) vs. Richard Hall (10-21-3; Rocky Mount, NC)

Earl "Chocolate Drop" Ladson (15-24-1; Winston-Salem) vs. John Wesley Nofire (14-0; Miami, Florida)

Paul Jennette (11-4-1; Greensboro) vs. Keith Tapia (11-0; Puerto Rico)

Richard Rivers (9-0; Greensboro, NC) vs. TBA

Sunday, March 9, 2014

RESULTS: 2014 State Golden Gloves Championship Finals, Charlotte, North Carolina


1) 123lb. RaQuaron Pierce (Charlotte Boxing Academy) def. Joshua Escobar (Dyme Boxing Club)

2) 123lb. Olaf Sanchez (Wilmington) TKO Amarbir Bakhshi (Durham)

3) 132lb. Kamau Robinson (Charlotte Boxing Academy) def. Jeremy Stokes (Charlotte Boxing Academy)

4) 132lb.Lizette Cisneros (Morganton) def. Amarantha Ortiz (Concord)

5) 132lb. Christopher Diaz (Fayetteville) def. Kenneth Nixon (Lincolnton)

6) 141lb. Frederick Lucas (Charlotte Boxing Academy) def. Marcus Begley (Black Mountain)

7) 152lb. James Reed (Charlotte) KO Anthony Sonnier (Cary)

8) 152lb. Lavonte Early (Charlotte Boxing Academy) def. Andreas Bostic (Wilmington)

9) 165lb. Broze Francois (DBC) def. Kody Fowler (Wilmington)

10) 178lb. Jonathan Metcalf (Charlotte Boxing Academy) def. Keenan Nesbitt (Columbus)

11) 201lb. Yan Carlos Fernandez (Wilmington) TKO Jonathan Stamey (University)

12) 165lb. Vardges Vardangan (DBC) def. Thomas Landon (Charlotte Boxing Academy)

13) Lynn Holmes (Charlotte Boxing Academy) def. Kayla Martin (Winston-Salem)

Winners who meet other qualifications may advance to the Regional Golden Gloves Championships in Knoxville, Tennessee (April 9-13, 2014).

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

North Carolina's Best Boxing Records

These are the best records for professional boxers in North Carolina (with 10 or more wins) as of March 4, 2014. Includes winning percentage.

Joshua Tufte (Kernersville), Heavyweight: 15-0 - 100%

Jared Robinson (Charlotte), Light-Welterweight: 14-1 - 93.33%

Lamar Russ (Wilmington), Middleweight: 14-1 - 93.33%

Derek Edwards (Winston-Salem), Super-Middleweight: 27-3-1 - 90%

John Butler (Raleigh), Light-Middleweight: 23-4 - 85.18%

Noel Echevarria (Winston-Salem), Lightweight: 11-2 - 84.61%

Anthony Hanshaw (Kernersville), Light-Heavyweight: 23-4-2 - 82.75%

John Williams (Charlotte), Light-Welterweight: 11-3-1 - 78.57%

Eli Addison (Winston-Salem), Light-Welterweight: 10-3 - 76.92%

Carlette Ewell (Winston-Salem), Heavyweight: 15-7-1 - 68.18%

James Winchester (Reidsville), Light-Middleweight: 16-9 - 64%

Monday, February 24, 2014

Fight Results in North Carolina November/December 2013 (North Carolina Boxers)

Fighter's records shown are current through February 24, 2014.

Friday, November 1, 2013 - Lucky Punch Promotions - At the Lera's Baile Mexicano venue in Ruffin, North Carolina.
Seven bouts.

Cruiserweight Bennie Meeks (0-5; of Wilson, NC) lost to Ronnie Glass (6-0) of Virginia by KO in Round 1.
Heavyweight Ernest Blackwell (2-0; Reidsville, NC) defeated Derek Walker (1-11) of Georgia by 4-Round UD.
Featherweight Bobby Wooten (0-3; Wilson, NC) lost to Antonio Dubose (4-0) of Philadelphia by TKO in Round 1.
Light-Welterweight Avery Hines (0-2; Wilson, NC) lost to Chris Alexander (4-0) of Virginia by TKO in Round 1.

Three other bouts on the card featured fighters from out of state.

Friday, November 22, 2013 - Walter Johnson Promotions - At The Ritz venue in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Six Bouts.

Heavyweight Earl "Chocolate Drop" Ladson (15-23-1; Winston-Salem, NC) lost to Sherman Williams (36-13-2) of Florida by 4-Round UD.
Light-Welterweight Vernon Alston (6-5: Durham, NC) defeated Sean Lockhart (5-21-2) of South Carolina by 4-Round on Points.
Light Heavyweight Jimmie Speight (0-2; Wilson, NC) lost to Joe Jones (4-0) of Virginia by KO in Round 1.
Light-Middleweight Jamar Freeman (10-3-2; Wilson, NC) defeated Andre Baker (10-39-2; Lumberton, NC) by KO in Round 3.

One other bout on the card featured fighters from out of state.

Saturday, December 14, 2013 at the Mustang Fitness venue in Oak Ridge, North Carolina
Seven Bouts.

USBO Heavyweight Champion Joshua "Too Tuff" Tufte (14-0; Kernersville) sucessfully defended his title with a win over Richard Carmack (12-4) of Kansas City, Missouri by 10-Round UD.
Heavyweight Earl "Chocolate Drop" Ladson (15-23-1; Winston-Salem, NC) lost to Dorsett Barnwell (12-0) of Virginia by 6-Round UD.
Cruiserweight Judidas Williams (0-2; Wilson, NC) lost to James Hammortree (2-0) of Florida by KO in Round 1.
Light-Heavyweight Dominique Winstead (0-4; Wilson, NC) lost to Joe Jones (4-0) of Virginia by KO in Round 1.

Three other bouts on the card featured fighters from out of state.

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2014 State Golden Gloves Championships (North Carolina)

2014 North Carolina State Golden Gloves - Open & Novice Championships, Charlotte, N.C.
Male & Female Competition

Dates:  Friday, March 7  & Saturday, March 8
Location: Sugaw Creek Recreation Center
943 W. Sugar Creek Rd., Charlotte, NC 28213

Weigh-ins: 10am-12pm Friday and 9am–11am Saturday at Brookwood Inn Hotel

Physicals: 5:45pm–6:45pm Friday, 3:00pm–3:45pm Saturday

BOUTS BEGIN: 7:00pm Friday, 4:00pm Saturday
Cost:  5 to 14yrs $5.00 / 15yrs and over $10.00
For more information contact: Coach Al Simpson 704-241-0314

Host hotel and weigh-ins at the Brookwood Inn, 1200 W. Sugar Creek Rd., Charlotte, NC 28213. 704-597-8500. $40. Tax included.

Paco Rivera, GAR1680 Boxing Talk
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