Upcoming North Carolina Boxing Events



SATURDAY, JANUARY 30 (DURHAM): One Hit Promotions pro boxing event. Durham Armory. 220 Foster St, Durham, NC. For more info, visit

SATURDAY, JANUARY 30 (DURHAM): Amateur boxing event hosted by One Hit Promotions. Durham Armory. 220 Foster St, Durham, NC.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 30 (MARION): Walter Johnson Promotions pro boxing event.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6 (GREENSBORO): Walter Johnson Promotions pro boxing event. Holiday Inn Airport. 6426 Burnt Poplar Rd, Greensboro, NC.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20 (WILMINGTON): NC Female Amateur Boxing Invitational

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27 (RALEIGH): Stop Running Promotions pro boxing event. J.S. Dorton Arena. 1025 Blue Ridge Rd, Raleigh, NC.

SATURDAY, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 27-28 (ROANOKE RAPIDS): Jasards Boxing Club amateur boxing event.

FRIDAY, SATURDAY, MARCH 11-12 (CHARLOTTE): 2016 North Carolina State Golden Gloves amateur boxing event.

SATURDAY, MARCH 12 (ELIZABETH CITY): Anointed Corner Promotions will feature a pro boxing event at the Police Athletic League venue in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

SATURDAY, MARCH 12 (MARION): Walter Johnson Promotions pro boxing event.

SATURDAY, APRIL 30 (FAYETTEVILLE): One Hit Promotions pro boxing event.

SATURDAY, MAY 21 (CHARLOTTE): Tommy Hill Boxing pro boxing event. The Carole Hoefener Center. 610 E. 7th St Charlotte, NC 28202. Tickets can be purchased at

SATURDAY, JUNE 11 (CHARLOTTE): One Hit Promotions pro boxing event.

SATURDAY, JULY 23 (DURHAM): One Hit Promotions pro boxing event.



SATURDAY, JANUARY 16: Joshua Hinnant (0-5; Wilson, NC) vs. Carlos Sanchez (debut; residence unknown) at the ABC Sports Complex in Springfield, Virginia. Scheduled 4 rounds.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 16: Henry Mercer (1-3; Tarboro, NC) VS. Edgar Torres (7-0-1; Springfield, VA) at the ABC Sports Complex in Springfield, Virginia. Scheduled 4 rounds.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 22: Jared Robinson (16-2-1; Charlotte, NC) vs. Bakhtiyar Eyubov (9-0; Aktjubinsk, Kazakhstan) at the Casino Del Sol Resort in Tucson, Arizona. TV: Showtime.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 30: James Winchester (17-11; Reidsville, NC) vs. Ramon Alvarez (22-4-2; Guadalajara, Mexico) at the Centro De Convenciones venue in Rosarito, Mexico.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13: Henry Mercer (1-4; Tarboro, NC) VS. Luke Spencer (Debut; West Virginia) at the Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort in Chester, West Virginia.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16: Vernon "Antoine" Alston (8-6-1; Durham) vs.Trakwon Pettis (2-0; Las Vegas) at the Sam's Town Hotel & Gambling Hall venue in Las Vegas, Nevada. A FOX Sports/Mayweather Promotions event.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20: Charles E Jones (3-16; Asheville, NC) vs. Ranel Suco (15-8-2; Philippines) at the Shrine Temple venue in Macon, Georgia.

SATURDAY, MARCH 5: Zed Mitchell (4-0; Arden, NC) vs. Reggie Miller (0-4; Philadelphia) at the Masonic Temple venue in Norfolk, Virginia.

SATURDAY, MARCH 5: Roger Belch (3-0; Hobbsville, NC) vs. Alan Beeman (0-10; Rhode Island) at the Masonic Temple venue in Norfolk, Virginia.

SATURDAY, MARCH 5: Arthur McCrow (0-1; Greensboro, NC) vs. Matthew Abregu (1-0; Washington D.C.) at the Masonic Temple venue in Norfolk, VA.

SATURDAY, MARCH 12: James Winchester (17-11; Reidsville, NC) vs. Scott "Cujo" Sigmon (25-8-1; Lynchburg, Virginia) at the Roanoke Sheraton Hotel venue in Roanoke, VA.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Interview: Boxing Promoter Bellonora McCallum, World of Champions (Charlotte, NC)

          Professional boxing returns to Charlotte in 2013 thanks to the World of Champions promotional company headed by Bellonora McCallum, located in the Queen City. In 2012, WOC featured four evenings of boxing during the year, all taking place at the ReelWorks Studios Music Factory venue. We had a chance to catch up with Ms. McCallum, fondly known as “Bell”, to learn more about what to expect.

1) Ms. McCallum, the first thing most boxing fans around Charlotte probably want to know is if there will be any amateur or professional boxing events taking place in 2013 in our area. Are you actively planning any, and can you tell us about it?
BM: World of Champions will have its first boxing event of 2013 on January 19. We plan to continue to have events every other month in 2013. The Charlotte boxing Academy also promotes amateur events throughout the year. Coach Al and I have worked together on a couple of my cards. He places at least 3 amateur bouts on the card to start the show and then we have about 10 professional bouts the rest of the evening.

2) It seems you promoted boxing events taking place at the ReelWorks Studios Music Factory venue in Charlotte in February, June, August, and October. Looking back, how would you rate the success of those events?
BM: 2012 was a big year for World of Champions. We learned some important lessons that will prepare us for 2013. Our events continued to grow and our last show was our most successful.

3) What was the crowd’s demeanor and reactions throughout the events?
BM: The crowd always enjoyed our events. We continued to receive positive feedback. Everyone enjoyed our VIP area, the atmosphere, and the fights that were scheduled. WOC has created a growing fan base and we plan to increase these numbers in 2013.

4) Are there other names you would like to mention of those beside yourself that “helped make it all possible”?
BM: The entire McCallum Enterprise and World of Champions team are hard workers. I definitely could not continue to do these shows without them. Coach Al Simpson from the Charlotte Boxing Academy planted the seed that lead to these events. Special thanks to all of our fans that continue to support our events and all the fighters who enjoy fighting on our cards.

5) Should you be holding events in the near future, do you intend to continue using the Music Factory venue or other locations?
BM: The January 19 event will take place at Amos’ Southend on South Tryon.

6) Can we expect to once again see some of the bigger names in professional boxing such as the prizefighters that came to town in 2012? And more importantly, will our local North Carolina fighters be competing as well?
BM: WOC has always made a point of placing NC fighters on the card and more importantly Charlotte fighters. Our goal is to provide a platform for local fighters so that they can fight in front of their fans and family at home. WOC will have prizefighters again in the future, but we have to have Charlotte’s support to make this happen. We will continue to put together fantastic shows for Charlotte’s Boxing Fans.

7) What opinion would you offer about the state of boxing as a whole? Would you say it is making a comeback and the fan base is growing?
BM: I definitely think boxing is making a comeback. As a promoter, it’s my goal to get boxing fans really excited again. I constantly come in contact with fans who love boxing and would love to attend shows in the local area. The challenge is getting the word out in time.  Boxing fans will definitely come out if they are confident it will be a great show and they know about the show in advance.

8) Can you briefly summarize how you became involved with boxing promotions?
BM: I grew up watching boxing and wrestling. I have always enjoyed watching the sport. When I moved to Charlotte, I decided take boxing lessons as a form of exercise. I did some research and found Coach Al Simpson with the Charlotte Boxing Academy. Coach Al took the time to teach the techniques and mechanics of boxing and this sparked my interest even more. I took my research to the next level and decided that NC would be a great place to promote boxing. I talked to my team. They jumped on board and I planned my first show in February 2012.

9)  What is the best way for fans all around the Charlotte region to learn of upcoming events you may be involved with?
BM: Fans can visit, visit and like our page, or follow us on twitter @wocboxing.

10) Would you like to add any comments?
BM: Thank you so much for your interest and support. WOC is very excited about 2013. We need all the help we can get to get the word out to boxing fans in the Charlotte area and all surrounding areas. We can’t continue without our fan’s support!

P. Rivera, GAR1680 Boxing Talk
Twitter: @GAR1680

Paco Rivera with Bellonora McCallum


  1. I enjoy attending these fights and I hope to participate in some of the amateur events in the near future

    1. Contenders boxing gym is also a great gym in thw charlotte area with great amateur fighters including myself...I look forward to fighting on the card of woc someday and will spread the word to all my friends and family who want to see fights


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