Upcoming North Carolina Boxing Events



SATURDAY, JANUARY 30 (DURHAM): One Hit Promotions pro boxing event. Durham Armory. 220 Foster St, Durham, NC. For more info, visit

SATURDAY, JANUARY 30 (DURHAM): Amateur boxing event hosted by One Hit Promotions. Durham Armory. 220 Foster St, Durham, NC.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 30 (MARION): Walter Johnson Promotions pro boxing event.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6 (GREENSBORO): Walter Johnson Promotions pro boxing event. Holiday Inn Airport. 6426 Burnt Poplar Rd, Greensboro, NC.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20 (WILMINGTON): NC Female Amateur Boxing Invitational

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27 (RALEIGH): Stop Running Promotions pro boxing event. J.S. Dorton Arena. 1025 Blue Ridge Rd, Raleigh, NC.

SATURDAY, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 27-28 (ROANOKE RAPIDS): Jasards Boxing Club amateur boxing event.

FRIDAY, SATURDAY, MARCH 11-12 (CHARLOTTE): 2016 North Carolina State Golden Gloves amateur boxing event.

SATURDAY, MARCH 12 (ELIZABETH CITY): Anointed Corner Promotions will feature a pro boxing event at the Police Athletic League venue in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

SATURDAY, MARCH 12 (MARION): Walter Johnson Promotions pro boxing event.

SATURDAY, APRIL 30 (FAYETTEVILLE): One Hit Promotions pro boxing event.

SATURDAY, MAY 21 (CHARLOTTE): Tommy Hill Boxing pro boxing event. The Carole Hoefener Center. 610 E. 7th St Charlotte, NC 28202. Tickets can be purchased at

SATURDAY, JUNE 11 (CHARLOTTE): One Hit Promotions pro boxing event.

SATURDAY, JULY 23 (DURHAM): One Hit Promotions pro boxing event.



SATURDAY, JANUARY 16: Joshua Hinnant (0-5; Wilson, NC) vs. Carlos Sanchez (debut; residence unknown) at the ABC Sports Complex in Springfield, Virginia. Scheduled 4 rounds.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 16: Henry Mercer (1-3; Tarboro, NC) VS. Edgar Torres (7-0-1; Springfield, VA) at the ABC Sports Complex in Springfield, Virginia. Scheduled 4 rounds.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 22: Jared Robinson (16-2-1; Charlotte, NC) vs. Bakhtiyar Eyubov (9-0; Aktjubinsk, Kazakhstan) at the Casino Del Sol Resort in Tucson, Arizona. TV: Showtime.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 30: James Winchester (17-11; Reidsville, NC) vs. Ramon Alvarez (22-4-2; Guadalajara, Mexico) at the Centro De Convenciones venue in Rosarito, Mexico.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13: Henry Mercer (1-4; Tarboro, NC) VS. Luke Spencer (Debut; West Virginia) at the Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort in Chester, West Virginia.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16: Vernon "Antoine" Alston (8-6-1; Durham) vs.Trakwon Pettis (2-0; Las Vegas) at the Sam's Town Hotel & Gambling Hall venue in Las Vegas, Nevada. A FOX Sports/Mayweather Promotions event.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20: Charles E Jones (3-16; Asheville, NC) vs. Ranel Suco (15-8-2; Philippines) at the Shrine Temple venue in Macon, Georgia.

SATURDAY, MARCH 5: Zed Mitchell (4-0; Arden, NC) vs. Reggie Miller (0-4; Philadelphia) at the Masonic Temple venue in Norfolk, Virginia.

SATURDAY, MARCH 5: Roger Belch (3-0; Hobbsville, NC) vs. Alan Beeman (0-10; Rhode Island) at the Masonic Temple venue in Norfolk, Virginia.

SATURDAY, MARCH 5: Arthur McCrow (0-1; Greensboro, NC) vs. Matthew Abregu (1-0; Washington D.C.) at the Masonic Temple venue in Norfolk, VA.

SATURDAY, MARCH 12: James Winchester (17-11; Reidsville, NC) vs. Scott "Cujo" Sigmon (25-8-1; Lynchburg, Virginia) at the Roanoke Sheraton Hotel venue in Roanoke, VA.

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Interview: Charlotte, North Carolina Boxer Jared “The Quiet Storm” Robinson

Jared "The Quiet Storm" Robinson

          Shortly after returning from Florida where he spent the holidays with family and friends, undefeated Charlotte boxer Jared Robinson kindly agreed to this interview so that fans are aware of his current progress. Having begun his amateur career at age 15 in 2002, the light-welterweight known as “The Quiet Storm”, originally from Sumter, South Carolina, now has a professional record of 13 wins and no losses, with 5 by way of knockout. He trains at Dyme Boxing & Fitness in Charlotte and appears to be well on his way into the rankings of today's elite world-class fighters.

1) Jared, firstly, can you tell us how long you’ve been fighting out of Charlotte and what circumstances brought you here?
JR: I have been fighting out of Charlotte since my pro debut in August 2009. I moved to Charlotte to train with boxing trainer James Pressley. He helped me become ranked #3 in the US in the amateurs in 2008. I called him when I decided to go pro and told him I wanted him in my corner.

2) Do you know when and where you will be fighting again?
JR: I don't have a date on my next fight yet, but I am preparing myself for a fight at the end of January or beginning of February.

3) Your record shows that you fought 6 times in 2012. Do you plan to stay that busy again in 2013?
JR: Yes, 2012 was a busy year for me. I plan to continue to stay busy and to keep the winning streak going.

4) What other hopes are you looking forward to with regard to your boxing career in 2013?
JR: I have my mind set on a TV debut with ESPN2 Friday Night Fights, ShoBox, and/or HBO. I have received calls for these big stages already and I plan to capitalize on the opportunities.

5) And on a personal level, what hopes aside from boxing are you counting on this year?
JR: On a personal level, being a good husband and father first and foremost. I am also looking to grow my personal training business and I have a few trips planned to Jamaica and Bahamas this year.

6) How often do you train during the week, and can you briefly describe the routine?
JR: I train 6 days/18 hours a week approaching that 10,000th hour. I do skill work on Mondays, then improving my skill set and formulating game plans for my next opponents on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and some Saturdays are strength and conditioning days: plyometrics, suicides, interval training, swimming, and track (hell days, basically).

7) Can you describe your diet during training?
JR: Nutrition is key for me. I eat clean foods, take in the best protein on the planet (IsaLean Whey from New Zealand) and I do a nutritional cleanse in-between fights to repair my body and maintain my fight weight.

8) Who is your trainer and what are some of his best attributes?
JR: I train with James Pressley at Dyme Boxing and Fitness. His best attribute is developing a fighter. I have trained with him for about 4 years and to this day he is still able to introduce to me a new technique or make an adjustment that he feels I am ready for. His ability to break down an opponent and formulate a game plan is like nothing I have seen before.

9) What weight do you normally average at weigh-in and do you expect to continue competing in the light-welterweight/super-lightweight division in 2013?
JR: So far in my career I average 142lbs, I have fought heavier, but I can make 140lbs with no problems. I am ranked 40th in US in my division so I plan to be here for a while before I move up.

10) How long before you think you are ready to be matched against highly-ranked world-class fighters?
JR: I will be ready for a class fighter within 6 more fights. The only difference between them and me is experience.

11) Are there any prizefighters, past or present, that you tend to pattern your boxing style after in the ring?
JR: No one in particular. I am working on perfecting Jared. The original is always better than the carbon copy.

12) Do you also follow the sport closely as a fan and if so, who are some of your favorite fighters today?
JR: Yes, definitely. Andre Ward, Mayweather, Marquez, Pacquiao, Nonito Donaire, Sergio Martinez...

13) Are you involved in any charitable programs and can you tell us a little about that?
JR: Not at the moment, but I have spoken to a couple of elementary and high school groups here in Charlotte.

14) Do you have career goals aside from boxing? And are you currently involved in any other business ventures?
JR: My goals outside of boxing is to continue to build a successful massage therapy career. I have been a massage therapist for 10 years. I currently work at Massage Envy in South Park. I am also a nutritional cleanse coach encouraging others to live a healthier lifestyle.

15) Jared, you seem to be a very friendly guy. Most boxing enthusiasts are aware that trash-talking and stare-downs prior to fights are usually an act to promote bouts. And maybe there’s nothing wrong with drumming up excitement for a fight that way. Are you ready to put on that kind of a “show”?
JR: Yes, under the right circumstances I am prepared to hold my own in and outside the ring. Though it is probably rare that I start an argument, I understand the mental side of the sport.

16) Do you have any additional comments you would like to add?
JR: I would like to give gratitude to all of my sponsors. Dyme boxing, Dr. Charles Francis (Abundant Health), Massage Envy (South Park), Ryan Howell (King Graphics), Clarence Moore ( and H&S wholesalers in Sumter, South Carolina.

Paco Rivera of GAR1680 Boxing Talk with Jared Robinson

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